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Trade Data for Law Firms

Essential documentary evidence of cross-border shipments

For in-house corporate counsels and trade attorneys, Datamyne’s import export data offers specialized support for investigations related to unfair trade practices, contract disputes, intellectual property and patent infringement, and other legal inquiries. The data includes dates, contents, origins, destinations and the identify of the parties to the trade.

重庆百变王牌Trade data is a key element in suites brought under federal laws that regulate imports and enforce trade agreements and sanctions. It can also help determine compliance with regulations governing international supply chains.

Trade Attorneys choose Datamyne because we provide:

  • Trade data covering the cross-border commerce of over 50 countries across 230 markets.
  • Latest available data on US import and export trade
  • Online search and analysis tool simplifies complex legal research
  • A team of trade data specialists with expertise in key verticals

Contact Us重庆百变王牌 to discuss how attorneys and law firms proactively protect their client’s interests and win international trade cases.

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If you would like one of our data specialists to do a complimentary, personalized demonstration on how Datamyne can meet your company’s needs, Request a Demo.

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