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Serving the Energy Industry

Stay ahead of the market with reports of US fuel import arrivals, released before any other source

Datamyne provides easy access, with expert support, to the world’s largest searchable trade database covering the cross-border commerce of nearly 50 country markets across 5 continents.

The Energy Industry is being transformed as new discoveries, technologies, government policies, and geopolitics work to reshape markets for fossil and renewable fuels alike。

In markets this volatile, intelligence is vital: Datamyne’s intelligence delivers the details of actual deliveries of US fuel imports before any other information source。

  • Find new suppliers

    重庆百变王牌Discover new sources of fuel, as well as production system components (such as solar panels, power plants)。

  • Uncover market opportunities

    Gauge demand for power generation infrastructure, clean energy solutions, as well as resources, feedstocks and fuels.

  • Manage risk

    Use import‐export data to plan hedges against price swings and supply interruptions, strengthen negotiating positions, and maintain profitability.

  • Analyze markets

    Feed your statistical models the latest available, authoritative, detailed data on US import flows, shipment volumes and values.

  • Track competitors’ shipments

    See which companies are importing – for example – hydrogen fuel cells, who they import from, and much more, with our detailed bill of lading data。

  • Spot irregular dealings

    Monitor trade for illegal practices (such as solar module dumping) that could impact your business.

See samples of our data:

Ranking Data
US Crude Oil Imports 2007-2011
Top Markets for Brazilian Ethanol
Bill of Lading Detail
Ethanol from Brazil
Crude Oil from Mexico

We offer the insights relevant to your industry

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