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Import Export Data by Country

World Trade – List of Countries by Imports and Exports


The world's largest searchable trade database covers the import export data and global commerce of more than 50 countries across 5 continents.

The Datamyne database covers the cross-border commerce of the US with over 230 trading partners. Our international databases include the import export data of the US NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico, 16 countries in Central and South America, the EU member nations, as well as China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and South Africa. Taken together, these countries accounted for nearly three-quarters of all global trade in 2013.

  • Import and export bills of lading, including importer and exporter names, are available from the US, Central America, Chile, Ecuador, India and Peru.
  • Detailed import and export data, including company names, are available for Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina (Argentina includes importer names only).
  • Aggregated Census information is available for Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, China, Ecuador, EU, India, Japan, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, the US and Venezuela.

We continue to extend our import-export trade coverage market-by-market, working with Customs authorities, Trade Ministries and other official sources to ensure our data is authoritative and the most comprehensive available。

Learn More about our International Data:
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Asia Trade Data »
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Import Trade
Export Trade

Datamyne covers approximately 76% of the world's import trade by value and 76%重庆百变王牌 of export trade (based on WTO-UNCTAD calculations).

Take a test drive of Datamyne 3.0, available with 3 months of US Trade Data.



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